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Regulations of the Groupement Forestier de la Forêt d’Ancenis


In order to ensure the safety and tranquillity of each angler as well as the protection of our carps, the Groupement Forestier de la Forêt d’Ancenis has established the following regulations.

Article 1: The angler shall make a booking with Freddy Pailluson, a guard sworn in by the Prefecture of Loire-Atlantique.

Telephone: 06 09 58 28 86 Mail:

Reservations must be made by sms or telephone between 8.30am and 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, between 8.30 am and 12 noon.

Article 2: Only carp fishing is allowed: by day, by night and in NO KILL only. The fish caught during the day must be returned to the water immediately. The fish caught at night can be put in bags but must imperatively be put back in the water 1 hour maximum after the sunrise. Between the 15th of June and the 15th of September, the fish must be released immediately.

Article 3: Each angler is allowed to use 4 rods. The fishing is done on the pontoon only. The Bivy must be of Kaki colour.

Article 4: The following are not allowed on the site :

– Remote controlled boats

– Live and dead bait such as maggots, worms, etc.

– Peanuts. Other seeds must be cooked to ensure good assimilation by the fish.

– Drones, for any reason whatsoever.

– Swimming and diving

Article 5 : Special case of the island posts : to go to the island posts, boats are available. You are invited to come with your own electric motor. The use of the boat is strictly limited to transporting the angler and his equipment from the shore to the island and from the island to the shore.

It is strictly forbidden to use the boats for :

– Sounding out positions.

– The removal of fixtures.

– Baiting or fishing.

Article 6: The following are allowed for assembly :

– Sliding or fixed sinkers. These must be able to be unhooked if the line gets stuck on an obstacle.

– Only single hooks are allowed (size 4 maximum). They must be without barbs.

– Braiding is not allowed. SHEATHED braid is authorized for the bases if lines. .

Article 7 : Be extremely careful when taking the fishes out of the water. Respect a sufficient depth so as not to mutilate our specimens or put them in danger. The angler must remove the hook in the landing net (minimum span 90 cm) and place the fish in the cradle or basin or on a regulation landing mat (minimum 70-90 cm and 5 cm thick).

Article 8: Any mutilation of a fish will result in the immediate and definitive expulsion of the angler. The transport of live specimens is strictly forbidden and will lead to criminal proceedings.

Article 9: The angler may leave his equipment with his vehicle in front of his station but must park it in the car park provided for this purpose.

Article 10: Respect the site! For obvious reasons, it is requested to use the toilets of the site. We will take care of the rubbish for the anglers coming for 7 nights or more. Waste bins are available for them. For all other anglers, it is imperative that they leave with their household waste and empty bottles.

Article 11 : Dogs are tolerated and must be kept on a leash.

Article 12: Campfires are forbidden. Gas barbecues are, ONLY, allowed.

Article 13: Visits to the site are forbidden. Accompanying persons are strictly limited to spouses and children.

Article 14: Arrival and departure from the post at 10.00 am. Each angler must announce his arrival by contacting Freddy Pailluson ( 06 99 58 28 86 ). No movement of vehicles between 20H00 and 8H00.

Article 15: The Groupement Forestier declines all responsibility in case of physical or material accident, theft or fire.

Article 16: Any violation of the regulations observed by the guard will result in a temporary or permanent ban.